p>Between childhood and history is a story woven by imagination, to turn into a reality worth browsing, behind it a story of success behind this name stands the story of Hind mujahid, to bring us back to a story told from the past, Hind began to realize her dream of childhood


Trade Mark

The brand implementation and designs can be used throughout the year, without being restricted to a particular season or occasion. This feature is what distinguishes the designer Hind AlMujahid. Hind takes into consideration the simplicity and elegance of the designs that she works on implementing. She then integrates her personality for the end result is a global brand and a luxury product. Every lady has used Hind’s designs would feel that the products where specially designed for her. Hind's vision and design perspective depends on a distinguished vision at hotel-like standards through luxurious designs that support the concept of costliness customers seek. Designer Hind has is leading in the industry in terms of customers' popularity and the use of wall furniture and art pieces and combining them with wood to create an innovative painting with embroideries of the same style of the brand.